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For more information on how you can participate in this education program, contact NIE, at (847) 427-4729.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Daily Herald NIE program available?
Newspaper In Education copies are available to all schools in towns served by the Daily Herald. Click Locations to see a complete list.

Is there a charge for classroom copies?
Yes, 20 cents per copy per day.

Is there a minimum order requirment?
Yes, 5 copies on each day the school wants delivery.

Must an order be for every day of the week?
No, each teacher may order only the days he determines will benefit his students.

How do I know which days of the paper offer the most to a classroom?
Every day offers main News, Sports, Neighbor and Classifieds. Monday includes Health & Fitness. Monday through Thursday include the Business section. Wednesday also includes the Food Section. Thursday includes Life & Entertainment (L&E). Friday papers include Time Out and Real Estate.

We home-school our family. Can we participate in NIE?
Yes, if you have a valid Daily Herald subscription. Please contact NIE with your name, address and home telephone number so we can verify your subscription. We'll send you information to access teacher portions of the NIE Web site.

Can we get Saturday or Sunday papers through the NIE program?
No, Saturday or Sunday papers must be purchased. Call 847-427-4505 for rate information or send an inquiry to Joe Marek.

Are there instructional materials to help me use Daily Herald in class?
Yes, NIE maintains this Web site for that purpose. Access to certain pages of the site is restricted by password. Contact NIE to request the password.

How do I place an order?
Use the order form located elsewhere on this site. Follow the instructions printed on it. You may fax to the number shown on the form, mail to the address shown, or scan the order and atach it to an email to NIE. We do NOT accept verbal orders.

How do I change my current order?
Changes must be made in writing. Send an email to NIE or fax the change to 847-427-2879. We do NOT accept verbal changes.

We don't want a classroom order, just a single subscription (or less than 5 copies). How do we place an order?
Call 847-427-4505 for rate information or send an inquiry to Joe Marek.



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Daily Herald For more information on how you can participate in this program contact Wayne Gebis, New Business Manager-Circulation, at (847) 427-4335.